Frequently Asked Questions…

What does my ticket price include?

Optimysstique is a gathering of passionate, inspired, visionaries, eager to co-create a happier, more interactive, holistic, and sustainable future for all.  We have no non-profit funding, no corporate sponsors, and do no fund-raise to cover costs of hosting this festival.  All that being  said, your ticket covers everything (except for the farm to table dinner, which is available at a discounted “upgrade” rate for those with day passes).  That means you are getting 3 meals, snacks, and access to all yoga, music, massage, acupuncture, sewing, spa, permaculture, gardening, cooking classes, world-class beach location, life-changing seminars, and everything else that is going on.  You will have the opportunity to go home with clothes from the clothing shop + sewing booth, seeds + plants from the garden, a newly discovered or deepened yoga + meditation practice, discover some amazing local + international musicians, learn new cooking skills, eat food prepared by world-class chefs, learn from entrepreneurs + visionaries, be exposed to local agriculture, and be inspired by the global collective movement.

What do you mean there are no vendors at this festival?

In the spirit of community gathering, this is a totally inclusive event.  Every teacher, musician, body-worker, chef, yogi, seamstress, entrepreneur, etc is excited to share their talents and vision with you.  There is no extra cost for ANY activities.  If you take an interest in a particular presenter during the weekend, we encourage you to read about what all we are offering, and then follow up with them after the festival.  This weekend is about sharing, learning, experiencing, and growing together.

How do the volunteer tickets work?

There are a limited number of volunteer  tickets available for purchase for Saturday 2/18, Sunday 2/19, and Monday 2/20.  Once your purchase your ticket, we will e-mail you a volunteer schedule, and you can sign up for a 3 hour shift.  We will have opportunities for volunteer shifts before or during the festival.  Your shift does not necessarily need to be worked the day you purchase the pass for.  For example, if you work  your 3-hour shift before the festival, you are free to enjoy the whole festival for the day you purchased your ticket for.  Please know we will try our best to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but need to be structured about when we have volunteer shifts available .  We aim for the volunteering to be enriching and educational.  Know that by volunteering you are contributing to a greater good, and we appreciate you!

Can I get tickets for just the music, or just a certain activity I want to attend?

Unfortunately, this is not an option.  The nature of the festival isn’t to be broken up into separate areas, as so much will be happening ALL day.  The music isn’t separate from the food, which isn’t separate from the yoga, which isn’t separate from the gardening, etc. We encourage everyone to wander, try new things, and soak up the whole immersive experience.  Odds are if a certain musician or class sound particularly interesting to you, there will be a LOT you would love throughout the rest of the day and the weekend.

Will I be able to buy tickets at the door?

Potentially.  We encourage you to buy your tickets ASAP if you are interested in attending.  If we do not sell out in advance, a limited number of at-the-door tickets will be available.  Please note ticket prices will be higher at the door, and will be CASH ONLY.  Check back or e-mail us to confirm day-of availability + pricing.

I’m a vegan, will you be able to accommodate my dietary preferences?

Absolutely!  All of the 3 meals and snacks served will offer an omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan option, and we will be conscious to have a some gluten-free options available throughout the day also.  We will do our best to accommodate any food allergies (just let the chef know when you arrive), but will be accommodating preferences on a case by case basis.  The menu is all organic, locally grown, and harvest by the chefs … so prepare to broaden your culinary horizons!  If you have particular food concerns or a severe allergy (as we cannot guarantee cross-contamination), it is best to bring your own food + snacks to have on hand just in case.

What are the access times and schedule for the weekend?

The festival runs from 12:00 noon on Saturday 2/18 until 12:00pm noon on Tuesday 2/21.  Start/access time for Saturday 2/18 is 12pm, for Sunday 2/19 is 8am, for Monday 2/20 is 8am, and for Tuesday 2/21 is 8am.  Check out the lineup page for a more detailed schedule of each day.

What should I bring with me?

Most important is an open mind + an open heart, so you can take away as much from this festival.  If you are camping, please bring your own tent and gear.  We aim to Leave No Trace, meaning as small of a carbon footprint as possible, so please bring your reusable water bottles, and even cups/plates/utensils if you like!  We encourage people to bring plants + seeds for the seed swap, bring clothing for the clothing swap, clothes/fabric/pillows etc that need to be fixed for the sewing workshop, and bring any produce you may have extra of to be incorporated into the cooking classes + interactive food experiences.  You may want to bring your yoga mat if you have one, a picnic blanket for a cozy hangout spot in the grass, your bathing suit for swimming at the beach, and clothing layers for breezy ocean nights by the fire with live music.