Immersion is the  best medicine! Gain perspective and clarity with a life enhancing retreat. Upgrade your life with ongoing custom retreats.  Enjoy on or offsite activities including  yoga,  massage ,sound healing, reiki,  organic food from the food forest, cooking classes,dining at local restaurants and cafes, spiritual gatherings , meditation, snorkeling, organic  farming & gardening, personal development, hiking, snorkeling, surfing and more!

The Basic Retreat includes a single room morning yoga, 1 organic breakfast/ lunch, bikes ,farm tour, cooking class,airport shuttle etc… @ $450 for 3 nights  single $750 double (Queen Bed)

7 nights @ $825 single & $1,000Double Occupancy w/Queen Bed also included is access to the library, farm, bicycles, snorkel, beach equipment   & more….

Inquire about special offers and custom group or individual packages!   There’s multitude of affiliates , studios & more! Here’s a few to check out.